Why Purpose? Why Now?

Could purpose transform your business?

According to Three Point Zero (3.0) a consultancy that helps businesses make the shift required for purpose to become the central driver of business growth.

Simon McEvoy, co-founder of 3.0 states, ‘purpose is now the driving force behind business growth’.

At appstoreni we started out with what we believed was a purpose.  Our purpose was creating Northern Ireland’s first business directory. Now! we have 200 mobile apps and are going from strength to strength with 4000 visits to our website every week.

Ryan Mc Broom of appstoreni laughs! ‘We are not Patagonia, Ben and Jerry’s or Ella’s Kitchen who have long had a core purpose and ambitions which far transcend simply making money. They continue to make tough choices, even occasionally making a loss on some products, in order to fulfil their purposeful goals.

CSR-type activities Taking parta fun-run, holding a bake sale, or giving some time up to some community work. Often these were coordinated by a charity partnership,

Is Purposeful Business just a fanciful notion? At appstoreni we totally disagree  this movement is already strong and continues to gather momentum.

Is your business mobile ready?