Location-Based Mobile Marketing

Geo-locating Towards an App Revolution!

So what is geo-location? And why has it become a tool to connect with the buying population?

Geo-location is the ability for mobile devices to track and report a person’s location in real time with a reliable degree of accuracy. The tendency of consumers to use that feature is increasing in popularity, as well.


What’s especially interesting to marketers is that, aside from seeking directions to a specific place, geo-location enabled activities are most often directly related to consumer-related behavior.

Whether it’s looking for a good place to grab a drink or researching a specific product in a retail store, customers have come to rely on their mobile devices.

Ofcom have reported, that as of 2015, 66%  of UK adults have a smartphone and use it as a vital sources of information. Upon which they make an increasing number of decisions about how to spend their time and money.

Is your business mobile ready?