Consumers to Co-creators

Boom or Bust

The problems of high streets and town centres are well known and well recognised.  It’s clear that retail spending on the high street is falling and this trend is set to continue.

Clearly the recession has had a big impact. Over the past few decades we had enjoyed a boom. This is now over and the bust has exposed the underlying weaknesses in the economy.

Mary Portas said in her review of High streets in 2011 that they ‘must be ready to experiment, try new things, take risks and become destinations again. They need to be spaces and places that people want to be in. High streets of the future and must be a hub of the community that local people are proud of and want to protect’.

We need to be the champions of change – curators of the future!  Shifting the paradigm from ‘consumers’ to ‘co-creators.

App Store NI proudly presents our business 2 community (B2C) news feed.  This will be our contribution to localism – having a voice and seeking influence.

Our vision for the B2C is to ‘connect local communities of interest to commercial businesses’ and spread the good news.

This B2C relationship has a number of positive outcomes.

On an global scale, we have seen fair trade grown into a social movement with a goal to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainability.

Having your business recognised for and being linked to having good corporate social responsibility (CSR) credentials and doing your bit to improve society.  These acts of good will have been known to yield a positive financial return from the purchasing population.

At a local community level App Store NI would like to champion a similar approach.  Not only,  do we want to connect customers to business and both to charities.  We also want to deliver the good news stories, when local people help each other.


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