App Revloution

Smart phones are the UK’s most popular device for getting online for the first time, according to industry monitor Ofcom.

As far back as 2007, virtually no mobile apps existed.  As of July 2015 there is 3.1 million in circulation.

Affordable mobile apps from offer your business and your customers valuable benefits:

  1. Be visible to customers at all timesdownload
  2. Create a direct marketing channel
  3. Provide value to your customers
  4. Build brand and recognition
  5. Improve customer engagement
  6. Stand out from the competition
  7. Cultivate customer loyalty


So what is an App?

[noun] = a small, specialised software program which can be downloaded to a mobile device to carry out a particular function.

The public is thirsty for mobile apps and the market is thriving mobile apps are popular with business owners, their customers and are quickly changing the way business is done.

Our vision is for your App to become the brand evangelist for your business.

Apps Store NI is a marketplace for matchmaking business partnerships that would ease competition and business friction.


Is your business mobile ready?